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How to make a Mother’s Day slideshow DVD

As Mother’s Day is approaching, you may consider purchasing a special gift for your mother.  This year, you can make a special gift for your mother –  Photo Slideshow DVD. In this article, I will show you how to make a slideshow DVD for Mother’s Day gift.

Before making a Mother’s Day photo slideshow DVD, you need do some pre-work:

1. Photos you want to use in the slideshow, such as your mother’s photos, photos of you and your mother.

2. Mother’s Day songs for the slideshow,  you should find some songs specially for mothers or Mother’s Day.

3.Words you want to add in the slideshow. You can add words on each photo, or add text at the first and last slide to deliver your love.

4. A great slideshow DVD maker. I recommend DVD Photo Slideshow, which is a professional slideshow software for Windows.

Steps to make a Mother’s Day slideshow DVD as a gift

1. Add photos and customize the slideshow

  • Click  Organize Photos tab, click the  photo folder from the folder list panel  to open it.
  • Drag photos to Album Photo area from the upper part photo panel, or click Add All to import all photos in the opened folder. You can drag and drop to arrange photo order.
  • Click Text to add text on photos.
  • Click Transition & Music to choose transitions for your slideshow, and add one or more songs as background music. According to needs, you can set time for each slide and transition.
  •  In Album Theme area, choose a beautiful theme. If you do not want to use a theme, choose No theme. If you want to add titles and credits, check the Titles at the beginning and Credits in the end,  then enter text in the box and customize the text.
  • Go to  Album Preview area to preview the slideshow.

create mother day slideshow

2. Choose a DVD menu

  • Click Choose Menus tab and choose a DVD menu from the right template list.
  • You can add one or more background images and songs.
  • Edit the menu and set the Menu Navigator.
  • In Preview area, preview the real effect of the DVD slideshow.

Mother day slideshow dvd menu

3. Burn slideshow to DVD

  • Switch to Burn Disc tab.
  • Select DVD Video Disc and insert a blank DVD – RW /+RW  disc into your computer DVD drive.
  • Set parameters for the DVD, remember to select right TV System if you want to play the slideshow DVD on TV.  There are PAL and NTSC TV System for choosing.  The software provides tips to help you select the right TV system.
  • Click Burn Now to begin burning the slideshow onto DVD.

burn mother day slideshow to dvd

Also you can output the slideshow as a video, and share the video to Facebook, YouTube. The software supports multiple output formats, such as 3gp, mp4, flv, mov, swf , so you can transfer the slideshow to your iPad, iPhone, Android device for watching.

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