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How to make a photo slideshow DVD on Windows 8

DVD Photo Slideshow is a professional slide presentation maker for Windows 8. It enables you to make a Slideshow DVD for watching on TV or DVD player easily. Also it supports multiple video output formats, so you can transfer a finished slideshow to iPad / iPhone, Andriod devices and other mobile devices for viewing.

Make a slideshow DVD on Windows 8

With DVD Photo Slideshow, you can make a DVD slideshow in three steps.

1. Organize Photos and customize slideshow

Click Organize Photos tab, start making your slideshow with dragging photos(or using Add button) to Album Photo area. Then you can rotate photos, arrange photos, adjust brightness / contrast, add text.

In Sub-tab Transition & Music, you can customize transitions and pan / zoom effects for slides, set duration time for slides and transitions. Also it is available to import one or more songs as background music, then sync slideshow to music.

Themes can make your slideshow more attractive. Click sub-tab Album theme, you can choose a theme to decorate your slideshow album. There are kinds of themes for choosing, such as wedding theme, birthday theme, baby theme, Christmas theme, and etc.

organize photos in slideshow software

Organize photos and customize slideshow

2. Choose Slideshow DVD Menus

Switch to Choose Menus tab, you can choose a menu template and customize it with background music and image. You can add title for the menu and set menu navigator.After that, go to the Preview area and click the Play button to preview the DVD slideshow .

If you want to output the slideshow as a video(such as mp4 format), you can skip step 2.

choose menu for slideshow dvd

choose slideshow dvd menu

3. Burn a slideshow to DVD

Click tab Burn Disc, and choose DVD Video Disc from Output Format drop-down. Insert a DVD into your computer’s DVD recorder. Before burning, you may need to set some parameters:

DVD / CD File System: In this area, you can add Volume label, publisher and copyright text.

TV System: This tab enables you to choose PAL or NTSC TV system , TV aspect ratio and other settings.

DVD / CD Recorder Options:1. Speed – If your drive supports multiple speeds, this selection allows you to change the
Speed at which the disk is written. If you encounter problems when burning your disc, try lowering this setting. 2. Simulate – When checked, the disc will not actually be burned. The software will test the burning process to see if it functions correctly, but will not actually write the data. 3. Copies – If you would like to make more than one copy, choose the copy number.

Now click Burn Now button, the software begins to burn the photo slideshow to DVD.

burn photos to slideshow dvd

burn slideshow dvd

After burning is finished, you can play the DVD slideshow on your computer, TV or DVD player for watching.


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