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How to build a flash photo gallery with Flash Slideshow Maker

This article is about how to turn your photos into a Flash gallery for sharing with friends or embedding into your websites and blogs with Flash Slideshow Maker.

Flash Slideshow Maker has both Mac and Windows Version:

Get free download link>>

1.  Organize Photos in Flash Slideshow Maker

Click Photo tab,  From the File Explorer area, find the photo folder and open it, then drag photos to photo area(lower part). Or you can click the Add and Add All button to import photos. After adding photos,  you can rotate photos. Click the Edit button, you can edit titles, add descriptions and URL for photos.

Flash Slideshow Maker can apply random transitions between photos, also you can change transitions in Transition Effect area. There are kinds of transitions for choosing. In this area, you can set time for transitions and slides according to your needs.

organize photos in flash software

Import photos

2. Choose a flash gallery theme template

Switch to Theme, you have Basic themes and Advanced themes for choosing.  If you just want to single SWF  fills with background music, it is better to choose Basic themes. If you want to display photos on websites as a flash gallery, you can choose Advanced themes.  Advanced Themes are XML driven, it will create a SWF file with HTML file and XML file.

choose flash template

choose theme for flash gallery

3. Publish a Flash Photo Gallery

Now  you can publish the flash slideshow. Click Publish tab and you see three output options: 1. Create Flash File Only 2. Make a Gift /Presentation CD/DVD 3. Create Flash Files and Upload to SkyAlbum. Com

Besides a SWF flash, a HTML page and XML file will be generated. After publishing , you can share the flash with friends via email, or embed it into your websites, blogs. To insert the flash gallery into your website, you can upload it to SkyAlbum first, then copy the embed code into your websites in Dreamweaver or into your blogs. Also you can copy the HTML code into your websites in Dreamweaver .

create flash gallery

publish a flash photo gallery


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