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How to create a videos from Dropbox pictures.

In this article, I will show you how to create a slideshow video using photos in Dropbox albums with Photo Slideshow Director HD. This iPad / iPhone / iPod photo video maker can use photos in web albums, like Dropbox, Picasa, Facebook, Flickr to create a sunning slide show video for sharing.

Do I have to copy my Dropbox photos to Camera Roll first, then use them in a slideshow project? Of course not, Photo Slideshow Director HD can import photos from your Dropbox account into a slideshow project. After adding photos , you can customize the slides with kinds of effects for watching on TV, or sharing on YouTube / Facebook, even back to Dropbox.

In the following guide, I will how to turn Dropbox photos into slideshow videos on iPhone with Photo Slideshow Director HD. This guide also works on iPad and iPod touch.

1. Launch Photo Slideshow Director on your iPad/ iPhone/ iPod touch, and create a new slideshow project. Download Link>>

2. Touch Photo icon, you will go to Albumswindow, which will list all the albums on your iPhone and other sources you can import photos, including take  instant photos to use and use  photos from Web Albums.

3. Touch Web Albums icon and choose Dropbox from the web albums list.  Then enter your Dropbox login information, including Email and Password, touch Sign in. Then you can see all your Dropbox photo galleries.

4. Touch photos in Dropbox albums to download them to Photo Slideshow Director HD. All you can add them in batch with Add All icon.

5.  Now you can add background music from Music Library. The app enables you to add more than one songs. You can use the synchronization icon to sync slideshow to music.

6. Until now, you can play and share the slideshow now. Because the app will apply random transitions, pan /zoom effects, theme once photos are imported.   Also you can customize transitions, pan /zoom effects and theme by yourself. Besides, you can add text, subtitles to narrate the slides, apply stickers and use the photo editor to optimize photos.

7. Save and share the Dropbox slideshow video.  You have  several options for choosing to share your Dropbox pictures as a slideshow video.

  • Save it to Camera Roll as a video(mp4 or mov)
  • Connect your iPhone/ iPad / iPod to TV via Airplay or cable and watch your dropbox photos on TV
  • Upload to Dropbox / YouTube / Facebook / SkyDrive directly for sharing with friends
  • Use the app WiFi transfer feature to transfer the slideshow to your computer


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