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How to create a slideshow for your Android phone

This article is about how to turn your photos into a slideshow for viewing on Android smartphone. To create a slideshow for Android phone, you can use DVD Photo Slideshow.

Tool to create slideshows viewable on Android

DVD Photo Slideshow is an all-in-one slideshow builder to create slideshows compatible with Android, iOS , YouTube, Facebook.  With the slideshow builder, you can easily convert photos to Android supported slideshow videos.

Make slideshows for Android devices with DVD Photo Slideshow

 1. Organize Photos

Click Organize Photos tab. You can simply drag and drop photos into Album Photo area. Also you can use the Add and Add All button to import photos.

Then you can choose transitions between images, add background music, and set a album theme.  You can use the Photo Editor to add text, subtitles, rotate photos, adjust brightness/ contrast, and do more.

After customizing the slideshow,  click Album Preview to preview the real effect of the slideshow.

slideshows for android

2. Output the slideshow video

Click Burn Disc tab and choose Mobile Phone Playable Movie from output format drop-down list.  From the Profile drop-down list, you can choose to save the slideshow as a mp4 or 3gp video. Also it provides different video size options for choosing, from 128×96 to 720×576.

After setting the parameters, click Create Now! to begin encoding and saving the slideshow video.

choose the slideshow video as a android compatible format

Transfer mp4 / 3gp slideshow video to Android phone from PC

You can move a slideshow video to Android phone via the USB connection. Unlike iPad/ iPhone/ iPod, it is very easy to transfer videos between Android and PC.

1. Connect Android phone to computer using the USB cable that comes with your phone.

2. The computer will recognize your phone as a USB storage.

3. Click your phone name, copy the slideshow video into Movies folder.

Then disconnect your phone to PC.



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