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How to create a video and add subtitles to the video

While creating a video, subtitles sometimes are important to deliver your meaning to audiences. In this article, I will show you how to create a video and add subtitles to the video with your pictures.

To create a video with subtitles, you need to use a video maker which enables you to add subtitles. Photo Slideshow Director HD is an  iPad photo video maker.  Let’s learn how to use Photo Slideshow Director to create a video with subtitles.

Download link :

Step1. Add pictures to the photo video maker from iPad and web albums

To create a video, first you need to add pictures that you want to use in the video. The app enables you to add pictures from both iPad photo library and web albums, including Facebook, Flick, Picasa, Dropbox , Instagram and SkyDrive.

Then you can add some effects to the video , such as setting transitions and pan&zoom effects, choosing a video theme, adding a background music, setting slides time, and etc.

Import pictures

Step2. Add subtitles to the video

Touch “Edit” icon and choose “Subtitle” from editing options, then you will see the Subtitle adding window.  Enter subtitles in “Text” area, then you can set the size, font and color for the subtitle you just entered. You can add subtitles on the other photos in the same way.

Add subtitles

Step3. Save and share the video

The app provides different ways to save and share a video. Touch “Export” icon and choose how to share the video.

way1.   Watch the photo video on HDTV via Airplay

Way2. Save the video to iPad Photo Library

Way3.  Upload the video to Facebook and YouTube

Way4.  Upload the video to Dropbox and SkyDrive

Way5.  Transfer the video to PC Wirelessly

Share the video

Share the video



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