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Best free slideshow software for Mac

There are many free slideshow makers available for Windows, such as Widows Movie Maker and DVD Photo Slideshow.Regarding Mac slideshow software, you can use iPhoto to make a simple slideshow: Import your photos, choose music and add effects, preview slideshow and export slideshow. However, If you want to make a professional slideshow, you can use HD Slideshow Maker for Mac.

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Key features of HD Slideshow Maker

  • Easy-to-use and professional software for making slideshow
  • Provides various beautiful themes for choosing
  • Kinds of transitions are available between photos
  • Add more than one pieces of music to slideshow
  • Allow you to arrange photos order
  • Sync slideshow time with music duration
  • Upload slideshow video to YouTube and Facebook directly

Steps to make slideshow on Mac with HD Slideshow Maker

Step1. Import photos to the slideshow software.Click “Add Photos” to add photos from your computer. Then you can see your photos listed in the bottom of the surface. The “Arrange” button enables you to sort the photos order.

Step2. Click “Add Music” import music from your Mac. It allows you to add more than 1 songs as background music. In order to play your slideshow in pace with songs, you need to click “Sync” button to adjust the slideshow duration.

Step3. Choose a theme for your slideshow. Click the third button “Theme” in the left column task bar, and you will see many beautiful themes. Choose one you like and apply it to your slideshow.

Step4. Customize your transition effects. Transitions make your slideshow more dynamic. The slideshow maker will randomly assign transitions between photos, however, you can click the dices between photos to change them.

Step5. Export finished slideshow. After finishing the slideshow, preview it to make sure that it is satisfying with “Preview” button. If it is what you want, click “Share” to choose a resolution and save the slideshow. You can save the slideshow to your computer for watching latter, or upload it to YouTube and Facebook for enjoying with friends.

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