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How to burn photos to DVD with music

There are many ways to restore your photos: 1.Save them in your computer hard drive. 2.Upload them to photo sharing websites. 3. Save them to your memory stick. 4. Burn photos to Disc. Today I will show you how to burn your photos to DVD. Maybe you will ask me why should I create a photo slideshow DVD.  Because there are many advantages for burning photos to DVD. For example, you need to show these pictures on a big screen TV  for many friends,  or you want to add atmosphere for a party, or you need to send these pictures  to others as a gift.

Only making a DVD photo is not enough, it will be more attractive burn photos with music, transitions, pan&zoom ,theme and more effects. Thus you can create a photo slideshow and then burn the slideshow to DVD. In the following article, I will tell you how to create photo slideshow DVD with DVD Photo Slideshow Professional.

Here, I want to recommend a combination tool of photo slideshow maker and DVD burner—DVD Photo Slideshow. It is a powerful slideshow maker which provides different kinds of output formats, including burning photo slideshow to DVD/ CD, creating YouTube/ iPad/iPhone video etc.

So download the great software from its website:

After installing it on your computer, you can follow the following instructions to make a perfect photo slideshow DVD with music.

Import photos to program and make a slideshow

In “Organize photos” tap, click “Add” to browser photos on your computer and import them. Or select a photos folder and click “Add All” to import all photos at one time. Right-click a photo to set it as album thumbnail. Besides, you can view photos in full screen by clicking a photo and choosing “Display Album with Full Screen”.


Customize transitions between photos

Once photos imported, random transitions will be assigned between two photos. But you can customize them by double-clicking the thumbnail in the transitions list or drag the transitions to the place where you want to apply to replace the present ones.

In the tab “Transition&music sub-tab, click “Add” to import background music. The software provides 3 ways to add background music—Import from pc, Ripper from Audio CD, Record sound. Beautiful pictures along with nice music can give people both visual and hearing enjoyment.

Choose DVD Menu

  • Switch to the next tab “Choose Menus” to choose a menu template or create a menu by yourself.
  • Choose a menu from templates list in the right side of the screen, and click it to apply a DVD menu template.
  • Click “Background Images” and add your own photo as the DVD menu image. In “Background Music”, import a song as the DVD menu music.
  • Click button “Edit” in the bottom of the screen to customize DVD menu. Edit menu and album title, enable album thumbnail and index.
  • In “Menu Navigator”, you can choose the play mode of DVD. For instance, you can set play current album repeatedly.

Burn photos to DVD

To check if the photo slideshow is what you want to make, click “Preview” button under tab “Choose Menus” . If you want to change some effects, go back to make it. Otherwise, go to the third major tab “Burn Disc” and choose DVD Video Disc from the output format doww-list, then click “Burn Now!” to begin burn photos to DVD.

The program provides other output formats. You can output the slideshow for playing on YouTube, iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices. If you want to play the DVD photo slideshow to TV, before burning, you need to set the parameters according to the following instructions:

1.The DVD File System tab:In this tab, you can input the Volume Label, Publisher and Copyright text. You may also choose to Save original images and music files on disc and Use Joliet file system for long file name.

2.The TV System tab:This tab enables you Select PAL or NTSC format, choose TV cropping value, and whether applying anti-flickering filter.Make sure the PAL or NTSC TV Standard settings is right.The NTSC standard is used in the United States while PAL is used in other parts of the world.

3.The DVD Recorder Options tab:In this tab, you can select the options of the recording speed, simulating and the Burn-proof disc protection. If your drive supports multiple speeds, you can choose to change the the burning speed.


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