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How to create a memorable graduation slideshow

Graduation means an ending of a learning stage, you will start a new experience. Taking photos to remember your life, friends, teachers in school is an essential part before leaving school. No matter you graduate from middle school or university.  If you are confusing at how to make best of these precious pictures, I will suggest you making a graduation photo slideshow with these photos. So you can enjoy these photos in an interesting way.

Confused about which slideshow software you should use? I can recommend some for you. There are some free ones, like Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Story, Socusoft Photo to Video Converter free version(Learn more about them). In this article , I will show you two professional photo slideshow makers which I like most.

1. DVD Photo Slideshow for Windows

2. Photo Slideshow Director HD for iPad

First, let us talk about DVD Photo Slideshow.

It is a very easy to use slideshow software and has a user-friendly interface. So I can create a wonderful photo slideshow without learning it for a long time . This is the key reason why  I like it . Also i like its multifunctional features which i list below:

create graduation slideshow

DVD Photo Slideshow

  • Easy to use, I can create a photo slideshow in just three steps: Import photos, choose menus and export photo slideshow. So you do not need to worry about spending a long time to learn it.
  • Allow me to add more than 1 pieces of background music. Also it enables me to rip audio from CD or record sound, so i can use myself ‘s voice as background music.
  • Varied cool transitions fro choosing. It provides 315 different kinds of transitions, so it is enough for me to find ones i like.
  • I can choose select  and apply a beautiful album theme. If I want to create a graduation slideshow, I will use a graduation theme. For a wedding slideshow, i will use a wedding theme. This makes my slideshow more stunning.
  • I can add text on photos. Sometimes, I need to add some text to express the special meaning of the pictures.
  • Choose a DVD menus, this function is very useful when i want to burn photo slideshow to DVD. It is also available to customize menus to make it meet my needs.
  • Support diverse output formats to save slideshow. I can burn the slideshow to DVD/SVCD/VCD/Blue-ray Disc or save it for iPad/iPhone/ iPod or my mobile phone. If I like, I can create the slideshow for YouTube and Facebook.

It has other features, like customizing pan&zoom effects, adding art-clips, adding video clips etc.

In a word, it is a good software for creating slideshow on windows. I have created many different kinds of slideshow with it .

About Photo Slideshow Director HD for iPad

I bought a  iPad 3 two months ago, and I like taking photos with it . So these are many photos on it. So i tried to show photos to my family in a more interesting way,  then I thought of making a slideshow.  After searching, I found Photo Slideshow Director HD and  downloaded it from iTunes App Store a couple of days ago.

Create graduation slideshow

Photo Slideshow Director HD for iPad

I am amazed at its powerful functions. And I am happy to find it . I believe you will love it too. Ok, let me talk about it .

  • Like DVD Photo Slideshow, it is a simple but powerful app which enables you to create a wonderful slideshow on iPad within minutes.
  • Built-in photo editor. So I can correct my photos before publishing and sharing them with friends without a third party app.
  • Randomly assigned transition effects. This will be useful if I import many photos to the slideshow. So I do not have to apply transitions one by one. I am very satisfied with the random transitions.
  • Customize pan&zoom effects. I can use my fingers to set the beginning and ending positions and status of the photos. It is very convenient.
  • I can add several songs as background music. After that I can sync music with slides to make them play in pace with each other.
  • Upload finished slideshow to YouTube and Facebook directly from the App. I like this function because it enables to share photos to YouTube easily.
  • Enjoy photo slideshow on HDTV. After connecting iPad with TV (Using Apple Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable), I can enjoy the photos on big screen HDTV from the app.

There are many other functions, like setting transitions and slides time, choosing theme and more.

You can use either of the two slideshow makers to create your graduation slideshow. Both of them will make you share your photos in an interesting way.

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