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How to transfer photos to computer from iPhone

In this article, i will show you different ways to transfer iPhone pictures to computer .

Way1. Connect your iPhone with pc using data cable that comes with your iPhone.

  • Plugin your iPhone to your PC
  • Open “My Computer”
  • Find your iPhone, it will appear as a camera
  • Double-click your iPhone to view the photos
  • Click to select photos that you want to transfer to Pc , then copy them. Create a folder in your pc, and paste photos in the folder
  • transfer photo to pc

In way 1, the iPhone seems kinda of camera device. So you just need to find the photos , then copy and paste. And this is the easily way.

Way2. Transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly

Sometimes, you may not take your data cable with  you or can not find the cable. So you can try to move photos to PC with a third app—Wireless Transfer App.  It can help you copy iPhone/ iPad/iPod pictures to PC with WiFi  and vice verse.

  • Make sure that your PC and iPhone are using the same WiFi.
  • Open the Wireless Transfer App in your iPhone
  • Tap icon “Send”
  • Tap send to “Computer”
  • You will get a URL, type the URL to your computer browser address bar
  • View iPhone pictures in computer browser, choose pic and download

iphone vido photo to pc

choose computer

iphone photo video to pc Choose computer

Way3. Connect iPhone with PC with data cable

  • Plugin your iPhone with computer with USB cable
  • Open “My Computer” and find your iPhone device
  • Right-click your iPhone and Click “Import photos and videos”
  • Enter tag to name the folder in which you want to put the photos
  • Click button “Import” to begin copying pic to pc

upload iphone pic to pctransfer photos to pc from iphone

Import iphone pic to pc

Way4. Use iTunes to Sync photos from iPhone to PC

iTunes seems to be an ultimate portal for transferring information to sync information to and from the iPhone.This is true for everything except for getting videos and photos from iPhone and into your computer.

So you can try the there ways above to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad. It will be better. For more information about syncing photos with iTunes, you can read this detailed article.

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