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How to show your iPad photo slideshow on widescreen projector

If you want to mirror photo slideshow presentation on projector with big  screen, this article can help you.
First, you can use Photo Slideshow Director HD to make a slideshow presentation on iPad . Then connect iPad with projector with Apple VGA Adapter. After connecting, you can view what’s on iPad on the projector screen.

Step1. Create a photo presentation on iPad

Photo Slideshow Director HD is a professional photo slideshow maker for HD, which can help you create a wonderful photo slideshow presentation with many effects. Download it from iTunes App Store:

With Photo Slideshow Director, you can

  1. Create a slideshow on iPad easily
  2. Import pictures from iPad or Facebook, Picasa and Flickr web album
  3. Edit photos with built-in photo editor of app
  4. Add songs as background music
  5. Choose kinds of transitions, including 3D transitions
  6. Customize pan&zoon effects
  7. Apply beautiful album themes to the slideshow
  8. Add text and subtitle on pictures
  9. Upload slideshow to websites directly, including YouTube, Facebook
  10. Transfer slideshow to PC wirelessly
  11. Airplay finished slideshow on App TV


Follow Step-by-Step instructions to learn how to make a photo slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director on iPad>>

Step2. Mirror your iPad photo slideshow presentation on projector

To view your iPad presentation slideshow on projector, you need an Apple VGA Adapter to connect iPad to projector. Apple VGA Adapter helps you Put your slides, movies, photos, and everything else that fills your iPad screen on an even bigger screen projector. It can mirror exactly what’s on your iPad screen so that all people in the room can enjoy it.

You can buy Apple VGA Adapter in iTunes App Store.


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