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How to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to iPad wirelessly


This article will show you how to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to iPad easily and wirelessly. So you can share photos and videos between iPad and iPhone and enjoy your iPhone videos/photos on iPad , for it will be convenient to watch videos on iPad with a bigger screen.

With Wireless Transfer App, You can easily achieve photos and videos transfer from iPhone(iPad) to iPad(iPhone). Transferring videos and photos is not such an easy thing to do between iDevices. But, with this app Wireless Transfer App , transferring photos and videos between devices is just a matter of a few steps.

Step1. Download Wireless Transfer App to both iPad and iPhone and open them on both devices

Download it from iTunes App Store:

transfer photo and video to ipad from iphone

App on iPad and iPhone

Please make sure that both devices are using the same WiFi, and running Wireless Transfer App.

With the same iTunes account, you only need to pay once to install Wireless Transfer App on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Step 2. Tap “Receive” on iPad and Choose the device from which you want to get photos and videos.

In this step, You will see a list of devices which are recognized and using the same WiFi, such as iphone, iPad, iPod and computer. Then tap the iPhone device and you will see all its photo albums are listed on your iPad Screen.

choose iphone and view its pictures

select iphone device

Step3: Choose photos and specify saving folder

You can tap “Select All” or tap photos one by one to choose them. Then tap “Save to Album” to specify an album on iPad for saving these selected photos. Also you can create a new album on iPad to store these photos.

choose photos and videos from iphone

Choose photos/videos for transferring

Stp4. Tap “Download” to get iPhone photos and videos to iPad

Also you can see the downloading progress and cancel downloading.

After downloading is finished, find the specified photo album in iPhoto library, you can view photos and videos on iPad.

download iphone photos and videos to ipad

Download photos and videos

For more information , you can go to the website of Wireless Transfer App>>

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