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How to transfer photos and videos to PC from iPad

This article is about transferring your iPad photos and videos to computer wirelessly without using iTunes. So you do not need to use your USB cable and be afraid of replacing old photos and videos on iPad with new photos and videos. You can send any of your iPad photos and videos to computer quickly and easily with Wireless Transfer App.

In the following article, you will know the easiest way to put your photos and videos from iPad to computer.

Before transferring , you should download Wireless Transfer App from iTunes App store to iPad first. Then Make sure that both computer and iPad are using the same WiFi.

Step1. Open the app on your iPad.

photo and video  wireless transfer for ipad

ipad wireless transfer app

Step2. Click “Send”, and choose send photos/videos to computer.

tranfer ipad photos and video to pc

transfer preparation

3.Enter the url into the browser address bar, then you can see all photo albums are displayed.

begin transfering photos and videos

download photos and videos from ipad

4.Click the photo album and choose photos you want to download to computer,  then begin to get photos and videos to computer from iPad.

It is so easy to transfer your ipad photos to computer with Wireless Transfer App. Download it from iTunes App Store:

Other features of Wireless Transfer App

1.Download computer photos and videos to iPad, iPhone and iPod.

2.Transfer iPhone and iPod photos and videos to computer

3.Transfer photos and videos between two iDevices, such as two ipads, ipad and iphones, two iphones.

4. Transfer Photos and Videos with high speed even no Wi-Fi network available

5. Easy to Use and Totally Wireless Transfer

6. With the same iTunes account, you only need to pay once to install Wireless Transfer App on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.


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