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Best iPad photo viewer app for viewing photos

iPad user, if you like taking photos with your ipad or there are many photos on your iPad, this article will be useful.This article is about a photo viewer app for iPad to view your photos in an intersting and creative way.With this photo viewing app, you can view photos from iPad, Flickr, Facebook and Picasa web albums directly. And combine your photos with music, transition and other effects for viewing iPad, HDTV. This photo viewer software can convert your still photos to dynamic slideshow for viewing.

Download the best iPad photo viewer app from itunes app store:

In the following, I will show you how to view your photos on iPad in different and creative way with best photo viewing software.

Step1: Import photos to photo viewer

Import photos to ipad photo viewer

You can view photos both from your iPad and web albums, including Facebook, Picasa and Flickr photos. But you should import them to the photo viewer first.

You can easily add iPad photos to the app. Once launching the program, all photo albums are shown under tab “Photos”. Tap albums, you can open them and see photos, it is available to add photos one by one and add all photos once.

The photo viewer enables you to download photos From web albums. Wanna view Facebook, Picasa and Flickr photos on iPad, you just need to enter your web album user name and password to login in, then preview photos and tap them to download to the iPad photo viewer. So you do not have to download photos to your computer and then sync them to iPad.

Step2: Create photo slideshow with kinds of effects

convert photo to slideshow for viewing

After importing photos, you can convert photos to dynamic slideshow. You can combine photos with music by importing 1+ pieces of background music. Viewing photos with favorite songs is not only a visual and auditory enjoy, but can recall man best memories. For example, you can remember the moments when photos were taken.

Kinds of transitions(such as 3D transitions) and pan&zoom effects are also available, which can turn your photos into cool and awesome slideshow video. Also you can set your slideshow duration by changing the transition and slide time. Pan&zoom effects can be customized by using pan, pinch, rotation gestures to set start and end frame. Transitions can determine effects between photos while pan&zoom works on playing process of each photo.

If you are not satisfied with photos, there are photo editor function in Photo Slideshow Director HD that enables you to fix photos, such as crop, sharpen, erase redeye, adjust brightness/contrast and other photo editing functions. With the app, you can correct photos for a best viewing enjoyment.

Also you can add text and subtitle to the photos to express your feelings or describe special meaning of photos. It is very easy to change photos order and delete some photos as per your need. The app provide many beautiful blank images for choosing to make the slideshow more attractive.

Step3: View photos in different ways

different ways for viewing photos on ipad

After a stunning slideshow is finished, you can choose a way to export the slideshow for viewing. There are 6 ways for viewing photos.

Way1.You can preview finished photo slideshow on iPad in the app. Tap “Play” tab, the photo slideshow will play with effects you set in step 2.
Way2.View photos on HDTV by connecting your iPad to big screen HDTV with a HDMI cable. In a family union or friends party, playing meaningful photos on big TV screen with suitable music can boost atmosphere.
Way3.Export photo slideshow to iPhoto library and view them afterwards.
Way4.Upload photo slideshow to your YouTube for viewing and sharing with the world directly from app.
Way5. Upload photo slideshow to Facebook for viewing and enjoying with friends online by entering username and password to login in.
Way6. Wireless transfer photo video to PC and other iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. Please make sure that these devices are in the same WiFi.

To enjoy and view photos on iPad with music and other effects, download photo viewing software for ipad from iTunes app store>>


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