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Tips on making a baby slideshow DVD with baby photos and music

This article about how to manage your baby’s photos and make a baby photo slideshow with baby music. Burn baby’s photos to DVD and preserve a precious gift for baby which can record his/her growing up.

Baby slideshows with songs and dynamic transition effects will remind people of remembering the time when he was a baby. And, they can show babies growing up. Also, you can burn baby shower slide shows with music and photos onto a DVD disc as a gift and send it to your relatives or friends to share the memorable picture slide shows on TV.

baby photo slideshow with music

Baby photos

I recommend DVD Photo Slideshow for little kids slideshow maker. It is a powerful slide show software to convert photos to slideshow with music and other dynamic effects.You can burn baby slideshow to DVD for preserving or enjoying on TV. Also you can output a baby video for uploading to YouTube,Facebook for sharing with friends.

Ideas on how to create a slideshow with baby photos ans music:

1. Run the slides maker program on your PC. When you run the software, you will see an easy-to-use user interface and all kinds of function tabs.

2. Click the “Add” on the “Organize Photo” window to import baby pictures and create album, then arrange the picture showing order for the slides. Some other good suggestions for you. To make animated slideshows, you can also decorate the pictures. Double one picture and then will pop up a “Photo Configuration” window, where you can edit the image freely.

3. Ideas for adding background songs. On the “Transition & Music” tab, you click the “Add” button to add background music to the slideshows. You can add multiple songs, but be sure that you import the relevant and proper music to the slides so that the slide show looks harmonious and great on TV. If you would like to make or create a long memorable baby picture slideshow, you can import more than one piece of music to the slideshows.

4. Ideas for setting transition effects. The maker program has over 260 built-in dynamic transition effects for you to choose for slides. You can set the dynamic transition effects for the slideshows on the “Transition & Music” tab.

5. Choosing Album theme suggestions. To make a funny baby slideshow with songs, you can choose a funny theme and then preview the slides on the “Album Preview” tab. Here, you can add quotes into the “Title” textbox for your baby quotes.

6. Image decoration suggestions. Double click one of images and there will pop up a “Photo Configuration” window, where you can add the text, title or ArtClips to the photos to decorate slide show images. You can also add the quotes to the pictures here.

7. Menu template suggestions. How to choose a good and funny menu templatefor slide shows? To create a memorable baby slideshow, you need to choose a proper theme menu template on the “Choose Menus” window. If you don’t find a proper one, you will use your own picture to replace the menu template background image.

8. How to burn the memorable slideshows with music to a disc? On the “Burn Disc” widow, you can choose the “Output Format” as “DVD video Disc” and input a DVD disc. When all setting is OK, you will click the “Burn Now!” button to burn the baby slide shows with music to the DVD Disc.

9. Play the memorable baby slideshows on TV. When the slide show burning is complete, you will preview the photo slide shows on computer at first. If the slides are OK, you will insert the disc into a DVD player to play and watch baby slides on TV. You will enjoy the dynamic slide shows on the big TV screen with animated transition effects and songs.
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