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Ways to upload and view your photos online

Boys and girls, do you like taking photos to record moments in life,such as a birthday party, family travel, graduation celebration etc? What if you want to upload them to websites? So your friends can view and add comments using their computers.Also if you like ,people around the world can view them. This is article is about ways to share photos online.

Way1 .Make a photo slideshow and upload it to YouTube and Facebook

This is the most interesting and prevalent way nowadays. Convert your photos to slideshow, apply transition and pan&zoom effects , add art-clips, add subtitle, insert a background music, choose an album. So photos can be played with music and other effects.

Then upload the slideshow video to YouTube, Facebook and other social sites to share with friends online. Also you can burn photo slideshow to DVD and watch them on TV when family and friends gather together.

To make a wonderful photo slideshow, you can use DVD Photo Slideshow, or other slideshow makers.

put photos on facebook and youtube

Way2.Upload photos to blog

There are many good free blog websites, such as WordPress, Google blogger, Tumblr. Register a free account and choose a template to make the blog beautiful. Then write a blog title related to photos, so people will know these photos information quickly.

Insert photos, tag them, and add caption and description. Then write something to express your feeling about them or explain where these photos are taken. After blog finished, publishing it .

Also you can make a slideshow with these photos then upload and embed it to your blog easily using DVD Photo Slideshow.

Way3. Upload photos to Picasa web album

Picasa web album is a famous photo management and sharing website. To sign in Picasa, you just need to use your gmail account. Create an album name then upload photos from your computer.

Then you can add caption and tag to photos. Photo editor function is also available in Picasa, which is really useful to make photos more beautiful.

With Picasa, you can view these photos in slideshow online and change the photos play time.

put photo to picasa

Way4. Upload photos to Flickr web album

Flickr is one of the best online photo management and sharing application. You can use your Yahoo account to sign in. Upload your photos and add description and tag, set them.

Also you can click the “slideshow” to view photos in an interesting way. Compared to the slideshow made by professional slideshow software, picasa slideshow has less effects. Also you cannot add music to the slideshow.

Flickr also allows you to upload a video. So you can make a professional slideshow with these photos and upload it to Flickr for sharing.

upload photo to flickr

Way5. Pin your photos to Pinterest

Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website. To pin your photos to Pinterest, you have to put photos to blog or other websites, then you can pin them. It does not support photos direct uploading.

If people like your photos, they can click “Like”, comment or repin them. Here, your friends can follow you and see your pins to enjoy the photos.


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