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Make a photo video about your favorite celebrity with music

All of us can have one or more idols, maybe a famous singer, a film star, a successful entrepreneur or even an Ordinary People. We adore them because of their attractive characters, good music, Acting talent or their success. In a word, we can learn something from them. You may have read their biography many times or know clearly their information.

Wanna make a video with your favorite star’s photo and person information? So you can enjoy it on your mobile devices(such as iphone ,ipad, ipod) wherever and whenever you are. Or you can share it with your friends on YouTube and Facebook. Also you can create a photo slideshow DVD for playback on TV.

well-known people


Before making the video, you should do some preparations:

1, Your favorite celebrity’s photos and personal information

2, Appropriate or favorite music

3, Photo video software, Such as Widows Movie Maker(It is free),DVD Photo Slideshow(work very well)

I think most people are familiar with Widows Movie Maker , So I will explain more about DVD Photo Sideshow.

Well , what is DVD Photo Slideshow used for?

DVD Photo Sideshow is a software to create professional photo slideshow. I say it is good because I have used it for a long time and it really works well. It has helped me make many perfect photo videos with different themes. I made a Valentine’s Day slideshow for my boyfriend, he was very happy. I made a friendship video for my best friend’s birthday with a friendship song, she liked my gift very much. For every important and special day, I like making a photo slideshow to celebrate it. Of course, I have made several photo videos about my favorite celebrity with DVD Photo Slideshow.

Why I like making photo slideshow?

Because I like taking photos to make the good time eternal. I may forget it , however with the photos, I can recall all the best memories. But I want to enjoy my photos in a special way, I believe a music video with many effects can be a better way. So if you have many photos , you can try to make a photo slideshow too.

What features of DVD Photo Slideshow can attract me?

1, It is very easy to use which just needs three steps –Organize Photos, Choose Menus and Burn Disc.  I can create a photo slideshow easily with it .

2, It provides kinds of dynamic and cool transition effects. With the transitions, I can control how the slides come out and disappear.

3, It provides 3 different ways to add background music—Import form your PC Disc, Ripper from Audio CD or Record sound.

4,It allows me to add text(introduction) to photos or add a blank image then edit it with text. With this function, I can put my idea in the video and make a video with subtitle.

5, It has the function of adding artclips which can decorate my slideshow. Also I can import my favorite pic as artclip.

6. It provides kinds of Album themes for choosing, such as Christmas Day theme, Thanks Giving Day Theme, Birthday Day theme and more. So I can choose one according to situation.

7, Beautiful DVD menus are available. This function is very useful when I burn the slideshow to DVD for enjoying on TV.

8. It supports diverse output formats, including DVD/ VCD/SVCD/ Blue-ray Disc and various video formats, such as mp4/ avi/ 3gp/ flv/ swf/ mov/ mkv even HD video.

So with the DVD Photo Slideshow, I can make a good picture video for TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod , YouTube, Facebook . I can make a picture slideshow about different themes for different purposes.

If you also want to make a slideshow, try this software, I believe it can be very useful.

Make a photo video about your favorite celebrity now.

Making Photo slideshow tutorial with DVD Photo Slideshow:


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