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Dear friends,

I write this article just want to share my experience in converting my photos to slideshow video and enjoying my iPhone videos on TV. So if you also want to create a photo slideshow and put your iPhone videos on TV, this article may help you.

enjoy iphone video onTV

Well, I bought a iPhone 4s several days ago, I like the beautiful appearance, fast operation speed ,high resolution and high camera pixel. In a word ,I am satisfied with it. But It is just a little expensive.

I have many photos in my iPhone and computer. I want to create photo video for enjoying on iPhone. So I search a photo slideshow video maker. I get the DVD Photo Slideshow and it seems good. So I download it and find it is very easy to use. I create a cool photo video easily with it. Most importantly, it is really a good software to create professional photo slideshow. It as many effects including animated transition effects, dynamic pan&zoom, kinds of artclips, colorful text fonts. Also I can choose album themes(themes for wedding, graduation, baby, vacation and more) and add a background music. It also can burn the slideshow to DVD with beautiful DVD menus, just like the album theme, DVD Photo Slideshow provides popular DVD menus. Finally, I am surprised that it supports so many output formats. Besides burning the slideshow to DVD/VCD/SVCD/Blur-ray Disc, it supports almost all popular video formats, such as mp4, avi, flv, swf, mov, mkv, 3gp, even HD Video.

With it , I have created kinds of photo slideshow videos , I upload some to YouTube and Facebook to share friends. In order to enjoy the photo video whenever and wherever possible, I put the slideshow to my iPhone.

Also I like downloading videos from YouTube to my iPhone anytime I see a good one, So I have many video on my iPhone. One day an idea appeared in my mind, what if I want to enjoy my iPhone videos on my big TV? Enjoying on TV will be better than iPhone with litter screen especially when my friends come to my home.

I suddenly remember that DVD Photo Slideshow can burn import video clips and burn them to DVD. So I can watch the videos DVD on TV with a DVD player. I launch the program and import the videos, choose a DVD menus and then burn them to DVD. It is so easy to burn the videos to DVD with it.

I must say that DVD Photo Slideshow is so powerful and whoever that has many photos and want to burn videos to DVD should have it.

Once you have it , you will love it, I believe.


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