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Beautiful landscapes around the world

Best landscapes around the world

For most of time, we work and live in the rip-roaring cities with crowed people. We are a little depressive and tired, so want to find a place to make ourselves peace. Traveling can relax you for a while. The green trees, blue sky with white cloud, the fresh mountain air, the stream around the mountain. What an enjoyment when the breeze blows over your face.

However, what if you have no time or money to travel around the world but you want to learn the world’s beautiful landscapes? Just like beautiful girls, beautiful scenery can make us feel happy. Thanks to the great photographers who like exploring the beauty of nature and capturing the best sight, we can enjoy the fine scenery at home without having to go there.

Enjoy these best landscapes around the world and expand your horizon.

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1,Autumn Landscape – Adirondacks


2.Sunrise at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC

3.Fly Geyser – Nevadajpg

4.Great Kobuk Sand Dunes – Alaska

5.Hot Air Balloons – Cappadocia

6.Lencois sand dunes_Brazil


8.Rio Negro – Brazil

9.Rocas by Santiago Pascual.

10.Scudding Sky – Tingley Reservoir

11.The Japanese Garden of Portland

12. The Kawachi wisteria garden in Kitakyushu, Japan

13.The National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

14.The Shiprock inselberg in New Mexico

15.This forest somewhere in Japan

16.The night sky over the Indian Ocean

17.The sunset in Fjällbacka, Sweden

18.The town of Colmar in Northeast France

19.This Aspen Forest in Colorado


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    What made you think of writing this post? It’s really good.

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