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How to make home DVD movies

How to make home DVD movies with best movie maker

Why should you make a home movie? Because home movie can be plyaed at home on big screen and makes you feel like you are in a theater.Especially, watch your photo movie and recall best memories.Watching a wedding photos movie makes you couple more cherish eachi other.A graduation video help you remember your friends and school life.In a word,a home photo movie has a special meaning.In the following ,I will teach you how to make a home DVD movie with best movie maker-Photo DVD Burner.

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1.Import photos files.

Launch the program, click “Organize” Photos tab to add photos. After opening the photo folder in the file folder list panel, You can click “Add All” to import all photos in a time, or click “Add” to add specified one photo.

2.Personalize with music, transition, caption and theme

In the “Organize photos”, you can make your movie unique and more eye-catching. You can customize transition effects and suitable theme. You can add captions for them by double-clicking photos, or add background music for the movie, even record your own sound to tell a story. If you like, you can add some artclips.

3.Choose DVD menus and preview

Switch to “DVD Menus” tab, you can choose DVD menus for your album. You can set DVD background music, image and menu navigator. And the sub-tab “Preview” enables you to preview the DVD movie.

4.Burn movie to DVD

Go to “Burn Disc” Tab, choose DVD Video Disc as output format, then set the parameters ,finally click ”Burn Now” to begin creating DVD movie.


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