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How to create photo slideshow for youtube

How to Make Photo Slideshow for YouTube?

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If you want to make a photo slideshow video and upload it to YouTube, this tutorial will help you and teach you how to make a YouTube video with music and more effects easily.

create slideshow for youtube

Step1. Import Photos and edit them.

You could import photos about the Olympic Games, then add introduction words on them. Also you can rotate the photos, set brightness and contrast, add art-clips and more. If you do not need pictures, just click “Organize->Add Blank Image” to add the colored image for writing instructions.

Step2.Choose transition effects and background music

Photo DVD Burner offers over 300 kinds of dynamic transition effects for choosing. You can add one or more pieces of songs, rip music from CD and record sound as background music.

Step3. Choose Album theme

It has various themes, such as themes about sports, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanks giving day. For a Olympics slideshow video , you can choose a sports album theme.

Step4.Preview the video

It allows you to preview the slideshow. If you are not satisfied with the album, you can go back to improve it.

Step5.Choose output format

In the Burn Disc Button,click the drowp-down list of output format,and select “Youtube uploadable movies” to create a slideshow video for YouTube.

Youtube video output format

Step6. Convert the video

After setting the output format, click the button “Create Now”, it will start creating the introduction video.

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