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Create photo slideshow video with Photo to Video Converter Free version

Socusoft Photo to Video Converter Free version is completely a free program to convert digital photos to MPEG-I video. With this converter, you can easily create photo video for free. With this excellent MPEG slideshow video converter software, no matter you are an expert or a novice, combining digital photos with background music is just a piece of cake. It includes various cool transition effects, dynamic Pan&Zoom effects for photo slideshow creation and a Powerful high speed MPEG-1 video converter engine. Also it enables you to create a photo slideshow with music you love. Thanks to this free converter, you can create attractive MPEG photo video and upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Myspace to share with your friends easily.

How to use this software?

Step 1: Click Add or Add All to import photos. The software support all kinds of picture format.

Step 2:Click Transition&Music to set transition and Pan&Zoom effect, then you can add background music with button Add. Under the Album setting tab, you can set slideshow duration.

Step 3:Click Album Preview to check if the video effect is OK. There are Begin and Stop buttons to control the slideshow playing.

Step 4:Click Video Output to set video parameters, then begin to convert the photos to video by clicking Create Now.

With Photo to Video Converter Free version, you can:

Create a MPEG photo videos and share on YouTube, Facebook, Myspace

Photo to Video Converter Free version is an easy-to-use photo to MPEG video converter. You can convert photos to MPEG photo Movie in .mpg format in no time. Import photos, set dynamic transition and Pan&Zoom effect, insert background music , choose output format ,then a photo slideshow is finished. It is just like a mystical Magician of converting photos to video for YouTube,Facebook,and MySpace.

Enjoys you photos in a more interesting way

If you have many photos, you need to always click to preview between photos, it wastes much effort and may be a little tedious. However it will be a different feeling if photos could play without clicking along with the favorite songs you love. That is really an aural as well as a visual delight.

Key features:

1.Completely free photo to video converter software

2.Easy-to-use user interface for operation

3.High resolution photo video converter

4.Create MPEG-1 photo videos for YouTube,Facebook and MySpace

5.Customized design and decoration, adding background music and recording voice function

6.Various transitions and built-in Pan&Zoom effect

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