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How to burn youtube videos to DVD?

How to download YouTube videos and burn it to DVD?

Today, YouTube is an important way to share videos with family, friends and the world. Through YouTube, you can upload and view various kinds of videos. What if you want to download YouTube video and burn it to DVD? This article will show you how to burn YouTube videos to DVD.

Step 1, Download YouTube video and convert it to avi

Notes: If you just want to download videos, converting it to avi is not necessary.

To download the YouTube videos ,you need a third program to help. I would recommend Clone2Go Free Video Converter.

Download Clone2Go Free Video Converter and install it on your computer via After running the problem ,you could see the interface as below:

Visit YouTube and open the videos you would like to download, copy the video URLs from the address bar of your browser.

Click YouTube button in Clone2Go Free Video Converter ,and you will see dialog box of Import Video from Internet. Paste the URLs one by one by clicking New(Insert) button.

After pasting finished , click OK, you will see the list of videos that wait for downloading. Set the Profile as Customized AVI Movie(*.avi) and the Video Codec as msmpeg4v2. Then click Start Encode to download the video and convert them to avi files. After the status of all of them indicates “Completed”, you can get the avi videos by clicking the Folder button in the interface of the program.

Step 2, Burn YouTube video to DVD

Photo DVD Burner can help you burn avi videos to DVD. Download Photo DVD Burner and install it on your computer. After launching it, you could see the following interface.

Then how to do next?
1, Add avi videos to the program by clicking Organize->Add Video Clips.

2,Choose DVD Menus. Photo DVD Menu offers many kinds of menus for choosing.

3,Burn the videos to DVD. Click Burn Disc, and choose the output format as DVD Video Disc. Then click Burn Now to convert the videos to DVD.

For more detailed information ,please click


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