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Creating memorable photo slideshow as gift for Mother’s Day

Creating memorable photo slideshow as gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner, show your appreciation for a Mom like no other with a personalized gift that shows her just how much you care! No matter whatever gift you send, your mother will cherish it. However, we just want to make a difference . So what about creating a slideshow for mothers with mother’ photos? It may be a big surprise .

Well, let Photo DVD Burner help you make a memorable Mother’s Day present of photo slideshow.

Photo DVD Burner enables you to create a photo slideshow with transition. The program offers more than 300 kinds of transition effects for your choosing. You can apply one transition effect to all photos ,or choose different effect for each photo.

You can add one or more songs as background music, such as a praising mom song, or just record what you want to say to mother and use it as background music. If you think the written words will be more impressive, you can add a blank slide and edit it with text. I think mothers will be moved to tears when hearing your sincere voice and watching heart-warming your words.

Regarding the photos, you can edit them ,such as rotating them, setting brightness/contrast and color balance. Even you are allowed to edit text on the photos, you can add words to demonstrate when the photos were taken or the special meaning of the photos.

A suitable album theme can make the slideshow more perfect and better describe the use of the slideshow. Photo DVD Burner provides various themes for choosing. Such as themes for Wedding Days, Christmas, Sports, Valentine’s Day.

If you want to burn the slideshow to DVD, you can choose background music and background image for the disc or set the menu navigator. Also you can edit the menu title, album title or decide the visibility of album thumbnail, album index and page index.

After the slideshow is finished, you can burn it to DVD and play it on TV or DVD player on Mother’s Day. Also you can upload the slideshow to your Youtube, Facebook,Myspace to share with your friends to call up others’ love to mothers .

I think you must want to begin making the slideshow now, So just download the free Photo DVD Burner.

This year, prepare a special gift for mothers.


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