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How to transfer photos from iPhone to Android

To transfer photos from iPhone to Android or vice verse, you only need Wireless Transfer App to help you. This app is available for both iOS and Android users. It helps to transfer photos among Android devices, among iOS devices, from iOS to Android as well as from Android to iOS with ease and speed. The only requirement is that you put all your devices under the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android?

1. Download and install Wireless Transfer App onto both iPhone and Android devices.

Download Wireless Transfer App from iTunes App Store ($2.99)

Download Wireless Transfer App from Google Play (FREE)

2. Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Make sure Wireless Transfer App is running on both devices.

Android wireless transfer app

4. In the Android device, tap the Receive botton in the welcome screen.

5. Then in Receive screen, choose the iPhone device.

receive photos from iPhone

6. Then you can select the iPhone photos and get them downloaded to the Android device.

download photos from iphone to android


How to play a slideshow on projector through iPad

How to play a slideshow on projector through iPad

This tutorial is about how to connect your iPad to a projector(such as projector in a campus Smart Room or business conference room ), and play your slideshow on a  bigger screen from iPad. When put your slideshow on a projector, you can showcase your photo presentation to many people in a room.

ipad slideshow to projector

1. Create a slideshow with photos and music on iPad

So what app you can you use to make a slideshow presentation?  Photo Slideshow Director HD is the answer. It allows you to create stunning slideshows with photos and music in minutes. The iPad slideshow app also provides kinds of effects, such as dynamic transitions and pan & zoom effects, themes. You can edit and fix your slides with its powerful photo editor. Text adding feature is included to enable you to express your feeling.

2. Save the slideshow to your iPad Camera Roll

After personalizing the slideshow, you need to save it to iPad Camera Roll as a video. Touch the Export icon and select  Photo Library from Share Movie to list. The app will begin encoding and saving the slideshow to Camera Roll in mp4 (or mov)  format.

save slideshow to camera roll

3. Connect iPad to a projector

connect ipad to projectorThe projector in a typical meeting room or classroom has a VGA connector. We need to use an adapter to convert the HDMI signal that comes from an iPad to  the VGA signal needed to go into the projector.

You can use Apple VGA Adapter to connect your iPad to a projector. Apple VGA Adapter can mirror whatever on your iPad or iPhone 4S screen — apps, presentations, websites, and more — on your VGA-equipped TV, display, projector, or other compatible display in up to 1080p HD. You can purchase it from Apple Store.

  •     Plug the dock connector into your iPad
  •     Plug the VGA connector into the VGA port on your projector
  •     Set your projector to the VGA input
  •     Now your iPad will display on the projector screen.

Note: If the slideshow includes music, you’ll need to connect your iPad using the minijack (or headphone jack) to an external amplification system to hear the audio.

av-adapterTo connect the iPad to a projector with HDMI input use an HDMI cable and Apple Digital AV Adapter.

If the projector has both VGA and HDMI input, it is better to choose a HDMI cable. Because with HDMI cable, video and audio can pass together to your projecting device. This is crucial when your slideshow includes music.

4. Play a slideshow on projector from iPad

Now your iPad seems like a remote control. You operate on it and whatever shows on iPad will also show on projector screen.

Go to your iPad Camera Roll and find the slideshow, then tap it to play. Then you can watch the slideshow on the bigger projector screen.

How to share Dropbox photos as a slideshow

Dropbox allows users to share single and a whole photo folder to friends easily. However, we can share Dropbox photos in a more interesting way – slideshow. Friends will find it fun to watch your photos with music, transitions, and other effects. In this tutorial, I would like to demonstrate how to create a slideshow with photos from Dropbox and share it with friends.

Create a slideshow with Dropbox photos

You need to use Photo Slideshow Director HD to turn your Dropbox photos into a slideshow. Photo Slideshow Director HD is a popular slideshow app for iPad, iPhone and iPod, which allows you to get photos from Dropbox and convert photos to an eye-catching slide show.

  1. Install Photo Slideshow Director HD on your iPad (or iPhone, iPod).
  2. Import Dropbox photos to the iOS slideshow app. Touch the Web Album icon and select Dropbox from Web Albums list, input your Dropbox information and sing in, and touch photos to add them into the slideshow maker.
  3. Personalize your Dropbox photo slideshow with background music, transitions, pan & zoom effects, theme and other effects.
  4. Touch the Gear icon in upper right corner to set time for all slides and transitions. The default time is 4 seconds for each slide, and 2 seconds for each transition.

create slideshow with dropbox photos

Share Dropbox photos as a slideshow with friends

After customizing the Dropbox photo slideshow, you can share it in different ways. You can mirror the Dropbox slideshow to HDTV and watch it with family on large screen, upload it to Facebook / YouTube / Dropbox / SkyDrive for sharing with friends, wirelessly transfer it to computer and burn it onto DVD.

Touch the Export icon and select a option from the sharing options list.

dropbox photos sharing

How to make a graduation slideshow on iPad

In this tutorial, I’d like to show you how to create an attractive graduation slideshow with music and pictures. Graduation means the end of an academic trip and the beginning of a chapter. So it’s time for us to think about the years we have been at school. And a graduation slideshow with precious and meaningful photos can be a good way to commemorate and celebrate the end of school year.

Pre-work before making a graduation slideshow:

1. Select photographs you want to use in the slideshow

2. Choose several graduation songs for your graduation slideshow. Graduation Songs List

3. Install the iOS slideshow software – Photo Slideshow Director HD on your iPad.

Steps to create a graduation slideshow with music and photos

1. Add photos and graduation songs into slideshow maker

Run Photo Slideshow Director HD(App Store Link) on your iPad(or iPhone / iPod touch). Touch the Photo tab to add photos from iPad albums, such as Camera Roll. The music icon enables you to add multiple songs from iPad music library. If you want to get photos from web albums, touch  the web album icon web-album-icon, you can import photos from your Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram albums.

import photos to graduation slideshow maker

2. Personalize your graduation slideshow with transitions and other effects

Photo Slideshow Director HD has all effects you need to create a terrific slideshow. You can personalize the graduation slideshow with transitions, pan / zoom effects, theme, text, subtitles, etc. The app can automatically apply transitions to between slides, however you can also change transitions by tapping the diceslideshow transitons icon between slides and select ones you like. You can design pan / zoom effects by setting start frame and end frame. Also the program allows you to add text and subtitles to describe your feelings.

What’s most attractive is its powerful built-in photo editor, with which you can crop photos, enhance photos, strength photos, add effects, etc. You can use the photo editing feature to fix your photos before sharing.

personalize graduation slideshow

3. Publish and share a graduation slideshow

After customizing the slideshow, you can tap the Play icon to view it on your iPad. Also the slideshow program provides other ways to share a slideshow:

  • Save it to Camera Roll
  • Mirror a photo slideshow to TV from iPad
  • Upload a slideshow to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive
  • Wirelessly transfer the graduation slideshow to computer

share a graduation slideshow

How to airplay a slideshow to HDTV from iPad

It is easy to airplay iPad photos on TV with Apple’s airplay feature. However you can even airplay photos with music, transitions and more effects as a slideshow than just still photos. In this tutorial, I will show you how to run a slideshow on iPad and airplay photos from iPad albums and online web albums on TV.

Requirements to use Airplay:

1. iPad 2 (or later), iPad mini with OS5 or latter

2. Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) with version 5.0 or later software

3. Wi-Fi (802.11a/g/n) network

Slideshow app: Photo Slideshow Director HD – an amazing iOS slideshow maker

Step1.  Produce a slideshow on iPad

First, you need to convert photos to a slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director HD(App Store Link). It can turn photos from iPad albums and online web albums into a stunning slideshow easily and quickly. So you can also stream pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox and other web albums onto TV besides iPad photos.

Once photos are imported, a slideshow is ready is presenting. Also you can customize the slideshow with background music, dynamic transitions, pan / zoom effects, text, subtitles and more.

Step2. Connect iPad to TV through Apple TV

  • Change Apple TV and iPad to the same WiFi network.
  • Double press the Home button of iPad to display your recently used apps at the bottom of the screen.
  • Wipe the used apps tray from left to right until you see the Airplay iconairplay. If you can not see Airplay icon, it means your iPad and Apple TV are not in the same Wi-Fi, please set them in the same Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the Airplay icon to display all the available Airplay devices.
  • Select Apple TV from the list and wipe the Mirroring ON / OFF slider to ON.
  • Now the screen of your iPad can be mirrored on HDTV.

connect ipad to tv via apple tv

Step3. Airplay a slideshow to TV from iPad

  •  Now come back to Photo Slideshow Director HD. Tap the Play button, the slideshow will play both on iPad and HDTV. However, the slideshow is not displayed in full screen on TV. To watch the slideshow on TV in full screen, please do the following.
  • Tap the Export icon and select HDTV / Airplay. Besides watching a slideshow on HDTV, you can save it to Camera Roll, upload to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive, transfer it to PC.

share slideshow on tv via airpaly

  • Once you see TV Connected showing in the main screen, it means you can begin streaming the slideshow on TV in full screen.
  • Tap the Play button to watch the slideshow on TV in full screen.

watch ipad slideshow on tv

How to make a jQuery image slideshow for your website

If you are not a master of  HTML, Flash, JavaScript or CSS skills and want to create a jQuery image slideshow for your website,  read this tutorial to learn how to make a jQuery slideshow with Web Album Maker  and add it to your site easily.

Create a jQuery image slideshow and embed to your website

1. Download and install Web Album Maker on your computer(Click to get download link)

2. Add images into Web Album Maker

Drag images from your computer to  Images area, or you can click Add Images button to locate pictures and add them into Web Album Maker. Then you can add title, description and URL for images, arrange image order, or remove images.

add images to jquery slideshow maker

Add images

3. Select a theme and set width and height

Click Theme tab to select a theme for your jQuery slideshow, the software provides various stylish jQuery themes to choose for your photo gallery and photo banner, such as bottom thumbnail, right thumbnail, bottom dot, etc.

In the Image Size boxes, you can set width and height for the jQuery slideshow. For example, I set 700 x 200 px for the flash banner.

select theme for jquery slideshow

select a theme

4. Preview and Publish a jQuery slideshow

Click the Preview button to view the slideshow. If you are satisfied with it, click the Publish button to create the jQuery slideshow.  When it is published successfully, you can see the notice window below, with tips on how to embed the slideshow into your own web page.

notice window

notice window

5. Add a jQuery slideshow into your website page

  • Open the output folder, you can  see 3 folders, 1 html page and one css file.

output folder for jquery slideshow

slideshow output folder

  • Copy all the files in the output folder and paste them into the same folder where you put your website pages.
  • Open the HTML page of the jQuery slideshow in Dreamweaver.
  • Copy and paste the two parts below separately into head section and body section of your own web page.
  • Preview the web page in browser, you can see the jQuery displayed.

paste code to embed slideshow

How to turn Dropbox photos into a stunning slideshow

Have many photos on your Dropbox account? It will be an interesting way to convert photos in Dropbox into an eye-catching slideshow with music, transitions, pan / zoom effects and more , then share the Dropbox slideshow on Facebook and Twitter, or mail it to friends for sharing.

Step1. How to turn Dropbox photos into a slideshow

To convert photos in Dropbox to a slideshow, you need to use Photo Slideshow Director HD. This iPad slideshow maker can get photos from Dropbox, and turn Dropbox photos to a slideshow with music, transitions, and more effects, then publish an eye-catching slideshow to Dropbox.

1. Install  and launch Photo Slideshow Director HD on your iPad.

App Store Link

2. Sign into your Dropbox account

Tap the Web Album icon from toolbar, then touch Dropbox in Web Albums group.  Then you will be led to Dropbox login window. Enter the Email and Password associated with your Dropbox account, and hit Sign in.

sign in dropbox

3. Add Dropbox photos to Photo Slideshow Director HD

After signing in, all the photos and albums in your Dropbox will be listed under Dropbox on the upper left side. Select photos you want to use in the slideshow and touch them. The app will begin to download the photos into it. And all the downloaded photos will be listed at the bottom of the screen as thumbnails.

download photos to ipad from dropbox

4. Personalize your Dropbox slideshow with music, transitions, and more effects

Now you can add music to the slideshow, select transitions, design pan / zoom effects with your fingers, choose a slideshow theme, enter text / subtitles on photos, etc. You can even edit photos with its powerful photo editor.  Learn More

Step2. How to publish a Dropbox slideshow

After personalizing the slideshow, you can upload it to Dropbox and mail sharing link to friends.

1. Touch the Export icon, select Dropbox from Share Movie to group.

upload slideshow to dropbox from ipadSelect sharing slideshow to Dropbox

2. Set Dropbox slideshow

In the Upload Video window, enter title and description to describe your Dropbox slideshow, then select a video resolution from 360p, 540 and HD 720p.

Dropbox slideshow setting

3. Upload the slideshow to Dropbox from iPad

After setting the Dropbox slideshow, hit Upload Now! at the bottom of Upload Video window, the app will begin to encode the slideshow to a video and upload it to Your Dropbox account. You can know the uploading process via the process bar.

When the slideshow has been uploaded successfully, a pop-pop window will show up to remind. Also you can send the Dropbox  slideshow link to friends via email for sharing.

upload slideshow to dropbox


Then you can sign into your Dropbox account on browser, and publish the slideshow to Facebook and Twitter, or send emails to friends with Dropbox slideshow link for sharing.

Best songs for wedding slideshow

wedding-ringsIf you are trying to make a wedding slideshow or hold a wedding ceremony, find some wedding songs you like from this article.

More and more people like presenting a wedding slideshow with music on wedding reception. It is interesting to showcase your pictures to guests. A wedding slideshow is also a special gift for the couple. It will be a precious and nice memories when the couples watch the slideshow many years latter. For those who missed the chance to attend you birthday ceremony, you can share the wedding slideshow to them.

Recommended wedding slideshow maker:

1. DVD Photo Slideshow(For Windows) –  Make wedding slideshow DVD for watching on TV or DVD player or wedding slideshow video for enjoying on iPad, iPhone, Android device, and YouTube, Facebook.

2. Photo Slideshow Director HD (For iPad and iPhone)- Make wonderful wedding slide shows on your iPad and iPhone , and directly upload to Facebook / YouTube / Dropbox / SkyDrive for sharing.

Great wedding songs for slideshow list:

All You Need is Love – Beatles
From This Moment On – Frank Sinatra
I Only Wanna Be With You – Hootie & the Blowfish
It Must Be Love – Alan Jackson
Somebody Like You – Keith Urban
The Best is Yet to Come – Frank Sinatra
The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
This Will Be an Everlasting Love – Natalie Cole
Too Marvelous for Words – Frank Sinatra
With This Ring – Platters
Wrapped Up In You – Garth Brooks
Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion
I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You – Elvis Presley
I Could Not Ask for More – Sara Evans or Edwin McCain
I Do (Cherish You) – Mark Willis or 98 Degrees
I Love the Way You Love Me – John Michael Montgomery
Love and Marriage – Frank Sinatra
Loving You (Instrumental) – Kenny G
Once In A Lifetime – Aaron Neville & Kenny G
One Boy, One Girl – Collin Raye
Stand By Me – Ben E. King

More Wedding Songs

How to play iPad photos on TV as a slideshow

In this tutorial, I will show  you how to convert your photos to a stunning slideshow presentation, then connect your iPad to TV for mirroring a slideshow to TV from iPad.

What you need to play your iPad slideshow to TV:

  • Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter
  • HDMI cable
  • iPad 2 or iPad 3 and a HDMI-compatible TV
  • Photo Slideshow Director HD(App store link)

Step-by-step guide:

1. Create a slideshow presentation with photos and music

Photo Slideshow Director HD is a simple yet powerful slideshow creator. Add photos and music into it, then a slideshow with transitions and pan / zoom effects is ready to display. Also you can select transitions and customize pan & zoom effects, add text and subtitles to describe the slide show, choose a theme, specify time for slides and transitions, etc.

Besides streaming the slideshow to your TV, you can upload it to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive for sharing.

Step-by-step guide>>

create slideshow on ipad

2. Connect iPad to TV with Adapter and HDMI cable

  • Plug the Apple Digital AV Adapter into your iPad via 30-pin dock connector.
  • Plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI slot(the smaller of the two slots on the other end) of the Apple Digital AV Adapter. To have you iPad charged at the same time, connect the dock-to-USB cable to the other adapter slot with the dock end, then to the power adapter with the USB end.
  • Insert the other end of the HDMI cable into your TV HDMI port, and switch the your HDTV input to HDMI.  Now the screen of your iPad should be displayed on TV.

connect ipad to tv with adapter


3. Mirror a slideshow to TV from iPad

  • Now go back to Photo Slideshow Director HD, tap the Export icon and select HDTV / Airplay.

choose HDTV/ Airplay

Select HDTV/ Airplay

  • Once you you tap HDTV / Airplay, the first picture in the slideshow will be displayed on your TV, and it will show TV Connected in the main screen of the Photo Slideshow Director HD.
  • Tap the Play button, the slideshow will be playing on your HDTV in full screen.

watch ipad photo slideshow on tv


How to present a photo slideshow on Android tablet

To make a picture slideshow presentation for playing on Android tablet, DVD Photo Slideshow can be a good choice.  DVD Photo Slideshow can make stunning slideshows in different formats for displaying on Android devices, iPad / iPhone / iPod, PSP, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Also you can make a slideshow DVD with it. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a picture slideshow for Android tablets.

Step1. Add pictures and personalize a slideshow

Click “Organize Photos” tab, there are 4 sub-tabs: “Album Photo”, “Transition & Music”, “Album Them” and “Album Preview”.  It means  you can import photos, select transitions and background music, choose an album theme and preview the slideshow.

1. Add photos to slideshow maker

Click “Album Photo” to begin your slideshow with adding photos into the slideshow maker.  You can drag photos to “Album Photo” area from your computer hard drive. Or you can use the “Add” and “Add All” button to import photos. Then you can rotate photos, auto adjust brightness / contrast. Select a photo and click “Text” button, you can add text to current photo.

import wedding photos to slideshow software

Organize wedding photos

2. Add slideshow music and select transition effects

Go to sub-tab “Transition & Music”   to add background music and select transition effects. Click the “Add” button to add slideshow music. The program allows you to trim music to use part of music. Also you can loop a song by checking “Loop audio”.  In the “Transition effects” group, you can select transitions and double-click to apply them.

In “Album Settings” group, you can enter seconds in “Transition duration” box and “Photo duration” box to control speed of slides and transitions. To sync slideshow to music, click the music button next to “Audio duration” box.

slideshow music and transition

Add music and select transition effects

3. Choose a theme for slideshow

A theme can make your slideshow good-looking and help you describe the meaning of a slideshow. Select a theme template for your slideshow from the left theme group. Also you can add  titles at the beginning and credits in the end.

choose slideshow theme

select a theme

4. Preview the Android slideshow

Before outputting the slideshow, you can preview the slideshow to check if it is OK. Click “Album Preview” to view the real effects of the slideshow.

Step2. Output a slideshow for Android tablet

Now you can save the slideshow as a video for your Android tablet. DVD Photo Slideshow provides multiple video output formats, including avi, mp4, mov, mkv, mpg. You should choose an output format that is compatible with your Android table or  the video player installed on your Android tablet. For example, you can select “Mobile phone Playable Movie”, then choose MP4 format from “Profile” list.

Finally, click “Create Now!” to output the video slideshow.

create slideshow fro android tablet